A Child’s Murder (2007)

Mommy, why are you lying on the road,
Why are your hands so cold?
Why is there so much red stuff?
Why don’t you get up?

Mommy, why are your lips so blue?
And why is Daddy staring at you?
I see a tear fall from his eye,
Daddy’s crying…but why?

Why is Daddy staring at me,
Why did he say, “honey, forgive me please.”
Is that a gun in his hand,
Help me Mommy! I don’t understand!

Now Daddy’s just looking at me,
He says it’s time for us to be free,
Why is Daddy talking like this?
He leans down to give me one last kiss…

Now he’s aiming the gun at my head,
Soon, Mommy, both of us will be dead,
But it’s ok; we’ll be in God’s arms,
We’ll finally be free of harm.

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