Can You Tell Me? (2021)

Can you tell me, what’s it like?
When everything lines up just right?
Reaching out and grasping a hand,
Being pulled from the sea onto dry land,

Can you tell me, how’s it feel?
To know you’ll never have to steal?
Never have to ask yourself “how?”,
Your struggle is something they won’t allow.

Can you tell me, what do they see?
When they compare you to me?
Do I fall so short of their dreams,
That they find it easy to ignore my screams?

Can you tell me, why do I care?
Compared to you, nothing is fair,
No matter my accomplishments,
I’ll never earn their acknowledgement.

But that’s okay, I know what it’s like,
To live a life just for spite,
Dependence is something I’ve never known,
But I’m not like you, I can stand on my own.

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