Enlightened Heart (2012)

This empty room screams at me,
Of a love lost, struggling to be retrieved.
Spewing memories, both good…and bad.
Of best friends laughing, and lovers getting mad.
Imprinting visions of a shared life,
Working together, overcoming every strife.
Branding sensations of physical ecstasy,
Enveloping our minds in blissful serenity,
Teasing with images of passion uncontrolled,
Taunting the embers of flames gone cold.
So I’ll strike the match and fan the smoke,
Speak the words I should have spoke,
Douse our fears with the waters of trust,
Rebuild our love from this pile of dust,
Grab your heart and hold it tight,
Protect it’s purity with all my might,
Do what should have already been done,
Only with sacrifice are true battles won.

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