Fragile Things

Minds are such fragile things.
Twisted together with duct tape and string.
A single event can alter the shape,
unravel the threads, destroy the domain.
It’s quite an intricate web that we weave.
Of dreams and desires we’ve been forced to grieve.
Reality is almost never as grand,
as we’re lead to believe before we can stand,
on our own two feet, without any help.
Just thrown to the wolves, while the world cries “oh well!”
Oxymorons abound, and nothing makes sense.
We choose what is easy, at another’s expense.
Battle your demons, but hide all your scars.
Accept your place, but still “shoot for the stars!”
Stand and be strong, but don’t rock the boat.
Confront injustice, but leave the status quo.
Your will is your own, and destiny is fake.
But what should be, will be. It’s only fate.
Contradicting decrees are all that we hear.
So let’s dance, we’ll break the strings of this cruel puppeteer.

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