How Long (2013)

Preach for a day, preach for a mile,
Then try to walk that path for awhile.
One step, two steps, three steps…four.
Unable to continue, your heart is sore,
“Do as I say, not as I do”,
This hypocrisy is new to you,
Your cowardice that controls your life,
Unwilling to cause your lover strife,
Guilt, it eats from deep inside,
Tearing down the walls where you hide,
You love, you care. Yes, that’s true,
But your selfishness is showing through,
The childishness that you tried to disguise,
Beneath a mask, pretending to be wise,
Your inability to try to change,
To be attentive in an even exchange,
Your laziness that you tried to deny,
Your lack of will to even try,
The feeling that something broke in your mind,
The constant sensation of being confined,
Your inexperience doomed you from the start,
You tried to deny it, but it fell apart,
The life you envisioned is changing each day,
Adapting to obstacles placed in your way,
Each one tweaking the way that you think,
Your heart and mind refusing to sync,
One says left, the other says right,
Making you ask, “Should I even fight?”,
The future is unclear; happiness, unsure,
How much more can either of you endure?
Love can’t live where distrust grew,
How long until he gives up on you?

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