Letting Go (2007)

Crawling through this field of glass,
Ripping and tearing as I try to move fast,
Crying into the night; his words piercing through me,
Screaming and begging for my life to cease,
Writhing in agony as my lungs collapse,
Fighting for a single breath, knowing it’s my last,
Pain recedes as my heart slows,
It’s time to give up the fight; I need to let go,
Numbness consumes my soul as my life slips away,
I pray to whoever’s above for just one last day,
I can’t leave those I love to face this world alone,
I won’t let them experience that pain on their own,
A sense of peace washes over me, and I realize they’ll be fine,
I can’t fight the inevitable; it’s simply my time,
My heart tries to beat, but there’s no blood left to flow,
My spirit soars into the sky as I finally let go.

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