Life’s Little Truths (2009)

Time drags on, things stay the same,
Life and vibrancy fade from your face,
Obstacles, though large, can always be passed,
Another year is ending, you better move fast,

Courage, resolve, to prove them wrong,
Invisible, alone, never part of the throng,
Dreams are ideas that don’t always come through,
But sometimes failing is what shows you the truth,

In order to stand, you must learn to crawl.
From the ground to the sky, to fly you must fall.
In order to grasp the star that you seek.
First you must learn how to be weak.

Because in this land of make-believe,
You can’t believe all that you see,
True happiness, it comes and goes,
Only those who’ve suffered will ever know.

That nothing in this world is free,
First you fail before you succeed,
To truly see, you must first be blind,
To truly live free, you must break your binds.

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