Losing Time (2007)

Cage my heart and my evil thoughts,
prove that all I’ve done is for naught,
reject my ideals; ignore my beliefs,
continue living within a world so bleak,
differences; they become so few,
when one is afraid to begin anew,
passion begins to ebb away,
minutes fade to hours of long, endless days,
the world moves on but you stay in place,
life and vibrancy slowly fade from your face,
time soars by; but you’re stuck in the past,
praying for death to take you fast,
unbearable pain consumes your soul,
you want to be alone; you’ll never be whole,
looking in the mirror; you hate what you see,
you lock yourself in the past, never wanting to be free,
your fear of change doomed you from the start,
so now you’re free to rest your tired heart.

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