My Fate (2008)

A piece of me gone; it stayed by your side,
Until the day when you’ll forever be mine,
An emptiness forms; missing your embrace,
Wanting to see the expressions flit across your face,
Your beautiful eyes; how I miss their light
Bringing new hope back into my life,
Your arms around me tight; never letting go,
My love for you shall never cease to flow,
These words I write don’t even begin to describe,
Everything I’ve felt since you’ve been by my side,
When my strength fails and I fall to the ground,
Feeling as if all my dreams have been drowned,
Through the darkness I see the hope that is you,
I reach for your hand and you pull me through,
Into your arms I fall as the tears rain down,
I look into your eyes; see the love that we found,
It gives me strength to move on and be strong,
Because in your arms is where I belong,
I don’t care how long I have to wait,
You and I together will forever be my fate.

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