My Light (2018)

There’s a crack slowly forming,
In the wall that you’ve built,
And though your sword remains sheathed,
You can’t relinquish the hilt,

Now your guards are all falling,
And I’m laughing with glee,
As the few left still standing,
Lay down their arms as they flee,

Slowly my army advances,
Intent on breaching that wall,
But this is my battle now,
And so I tell them to halt,

“Go rest and recover,
Your work here is complete”,
As their footsteps fade away,
I gaze at the chipping concrete,

Up and up my eyes travel,
Until I see you at last,
Standing still as a statue,
Your beauty unsurpassed,

I spread my arms wide,
A shortsword in each hand,
“What are you so afraid of?” I say,
“Come down and fight like a man!”

Quick as a shadow you’re gone,
Then I hear the drawbridge creak,
My breath becomes shallow,
Knowing our blades shall soon meet,

I see you slowly approach,
Purpose in each stride,
As your sword hisses I think,
“This’ll be a hell of a ride”

As our blades clash together,
I see the strength in your eyes,
And though it calls to something in me,
I can’t give up this fight,

And so I duck and I dodge,
I thrust and I parry,
The smile on your face widens,
As my body grows weary,

Suddenly I trip and I fall,
To my knees with a cry,
I’m too weak to stand
Too broken to fly,

So I hang my head, defeated,
Awaiting your final blow,
I feel your blade on my neck,
I know my blood shall soon flow,

A sharp cut around my throat,
That’s all that I feel,
And as the flat of your blade lifts my chin,
I know it’s not deep enough to kill,

Green eyes meet your gorgeous blues,
And I’m confused by what I see,
“That scar will serve to remind you, princess,
That you belong to me.”

Your hands in my hair,
As your lips capture mine,
“As long you’ll have me, Sir,
You’ll always be my light.”

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