Rain and Memories (2006)

Sitting alone watching the pouring rain,
Listening to the thunder roar through the sky,
Seeing lightening strike way out in the distance,
Reminiscing the time when I’d be out there,
Running in the rain, splashing through the puddles,
Breaking free of my thoughts,
Flying, soaring through the heavens,
Allowing my imagination to take me away,
Listening to the wind rip through the forest,
Feel the cold-water drip down my face,
Memories of long lost tears intrude into my mind,
Of nights spent alone; crying for lost innocence,
I sit here on this old, tattered couch,
Remembering those times,
Wishing, yet not, that I could have them again,
But inside I know,
That is the past and this is the present,
Those days are long gone and never going to return,
Except as faint memories,
So now I sit here, dreaming, wondering,
What is the future going to bring?
The rain slows and the vicious winds calm,
Yet still I sit here, remembering.

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