Rebirth of a Poet (2008)

These tired eyes,
they tell no lies,
for the darkness they’ve seen,
has clouded the truth,
they once beheld;

this tortured soul,
it holds no secrets,
for the pain it’s felt,
has caged the wisdom,
it once possessed;

this tattered heart,
it shows no love,
for the betrayal it’s been shown,
has shattered the trust,
it once gave freely,

this broken mind,
it holds no words,
for the games it’s played,
has shattered the knowledge,
it once strived to learn,

this battered body,
it holds no treasure,
for the hate it’s been shown,
has worn away the perfection,
it once yearned to behold,

with these eyes
that saw no light,
I discover the beauties,
the truth of the night witholds,

and with this soul,
I feed on its pain,
to set free its wisdom,
to heal lost souls,

with this heart,
I fill it with love,
to shower trust upon those,
that hope hath been denied,

and with this mind,
I write words of light,
with hope that dying poets,
might once again soar free,

with this body,
I strive to change,
this world of ruin,
with dreams of a new beginning.

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