Sanctuary (2007)

Sitting on this high up perch,
City lights twinkling; so many stars on earth,
The beauty below me fuels the rage in my soul,
The pain and frustration destroys my control,
Screaming in agony; the memories return,
The anger in my heart continues to burn,
The walls I built; crumble and give way,
For the weakness to return; remembering that day,
Dropping to my knees; the colorful lights taunting,
Sobs wrack my body this realization daunting,
The strength; it fades as the truth is unfurled,
The only clear thing is you in my world,
No matter how weak I know that I am,
The pain will recede; just take my hand,
I’m broken; yes I know that’s true,
But that doesn’t change my love for you,
The anger, it fades into a love so pure,
You are my sanity; of this I am sure,
So hold me together as I fall apart,
Alas, awaken the love within my heart

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