Sin of Reality (2008)

Walking in a dream like state,
is this forever my only fate?
faces blurring, why can’t I see,
the blatant truth that’s staring at me,
Nothing’s as it seems, nothing is true,
the grass isn’t green, the sky isn’t blue,
hope is but feeble in this life full of let-downs,
a smile is really nothing but a frown,
happiness is a farce to hide the sadness within,
money’s just a way to give the rich bastards a grin,
taking everything for granted is the american’s way,
while there’s children in africa looking for something cold on a hot day,
war is but a way to give one a more superior feeling,
media tells us who to be, it’s our uniqueness they are stealing,
stereotypes are only a way for society to group us as one,
instead of taking the time to talk, they look at the style, then are done,
what you see around you, isn’t really what it seems,
there are lies and disguises everywhere, even in your dreams.

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