(Un)Intentional Deafness (2012)

Oh my words, my dear words, is it true?
Am I hopelessly, and irrevocably deaf to you?
Do you speak…are you screaming in my mind?
Are you in front of my face, but I’m irreversibly blind?
This numbness I feel, could it be self inflicted?
A subconscious attempt to change the future predicted?
A future saturated with lies and delusional hopes.
Just an innovative way for my mind to cope?
An effort to deny the reality in my face?
A fruitless endeavor to conceal my disgrace?
Could it be, could it be….that I’ve plugged my own ears?
That the cowardice in my heart made me cringe from my fears?
Well I’m here, and I’m listening, my eyes, unobstructed,
So speak to me now, before I’m corrupted,
By my own illusions and the desires I bear,
For a life sans worries and endless despair.
A world where my past has no weight in my future.
Where my inadequacies matter naught, and betrayals are fewer.
A simplistic life…that is all I require.
But I fear, before then, is when I’ll expire.

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